Friday, May 4, 2007

Hi-ho, Silver! Awaaaaay!

There are just some things, that as a parent, you never imagined yourself saying. Take & plant your family in a foreign country, and these things can tend to get even stranger, but that's another story.

For instance, I never thought I'd have to tell my five-year-old, "Son, please don't ride your brother down the stairs..." But I did.

Little background..we have a large yard at our house and there is a small set of curving, concrete steps leading from the front garage area, to the backyard. My two-year old takes much delight in traipsing up and down these stairs in any way the human body can possibly manage and endure. Some days we go up them on our feet, other days we roll down them sideways. One particularly brave day, said child attempted to come racing down the slope of the driveway to these steps on a "Lightning McQueen" ride on toy, and "power brake" around the curve and down the steps. Needless to say, the ending wasn't quite what he was imagining it was supposed to be, I'm sure.

But on this particular day, young child was attempting to walk down the stairs as say, a horse would. . . and in his five-year-old mind, the oldest just couldn't resist the opportunity that lay in front of him. Now, my kids are no skinny things, so my 50lb five-year-old wasn't exactly squashing is 33lb brother, per say, but it did look quite uncomfortable. But the five-year old seized the opportunity, sat upon his baby brother like a pony at the State Fair, and held on to brother's hair, and rode down the stairs, much to their parents dismay.

I will say that neither child was hurt even as gravity and physics took hold of them both and propelled them down the stairs. Concrete apparently doesn't hurt much when you're laughing like fools. And they even tried attempting it a second time, which could have very well been successful, until mom put the kibosh to it.

What's a little road rash between brothers, right?

By the way, their shirts describe them to a T!!!

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